OneCity Transit Plan after the first City Council decisions

July 16, 2012

Dear Toronto,

Our City has a long history of talking transit and a long history of planning transit but a considerably shorter history of building transit.  Partly as a result of the conversations OneCity initiated, many of you now agree that the best way to build transit is through a long-term transit plan which has stable, predictable and reliable funding.

OneCity is a long-term goal intended to bring reliability and continuity to transit expansion for our City. OneCity includes all modes of transit which, for the first time, links transit expansion with funding options.

Last week Toronto City Council voted for a report to come back in the fall with a transit expansion plan for the City, including funding options. City Staff will work together with TTC and Metrolinx Staff to identify our transit priorities over the next 30 years as we build Toronto’s transit network in conjunction with the region, and link the City together through transit.

While specific transit routes identified in our OneCity proposal were not included I am confident TTC and City Staff will design a road map that is very similar to what we proposed.

There are three important OneCity components which I expect will be included in the transit expansion plan:

  • Toronto’s transit expansion plan will include subways, light-rail and bus rapid transit to meet the ridership demands of the City;
  • The Plan will include funding options so the City can begin to build transit on an ongoing and sustainable basis;
  • The Plan will be developed to support the Official Plan and will properly link all parts of Toronto, helping to create “one city”.

At this link is my June 14, 2012, letter to the Planning and Growth Committee requesting development of a Transit Plan which supports the Official Plan.  This request was adopted by the Committee

At this link are the July 11, 2012, Toronto City Council decisions which came from the letter through Item PG16.16

I am proud OneCity will continue to make Toronto aware of the need to link transit plans and funding plans.  We all look forward to continued progress on transit to meet the ongoing needs of Toronto’s 1.6 million (and growing) daily TTC riders.  It is now time to evolve into a City and region which continually funds and builds transit, not just for ourselves but for our children and grandchildren.


Karen Stintz
Councillor, Ward 16, Eglinton Lawrence
Chair, Toronto Transit Commission