A continued partnership with the Province

June 29, 2012

OneCity is the amalgamation of years of sound, studied transit planning for Toronto, incorporating parts of Metrolinx’s “The Big Move” and more.

The Province and its regional partners, including Toronto, each rely on each other for progress, and for funding. As Toronto’s partners, we appreciate the Province’s continued assistance to address the need for perpetual transportation investment and improvement, in Toronto and the GTHA.

By the time the City may require the Provincial and Federal funding suggested in the OneCity plan, Metrolinx’s funding strategy will have been hopefully implemented. Metrolinx may want to consider CVA Uplift as a potential funding tool for municipalities.

With OneCity we are asking our Council Colleagues to ask City Staff to report back on a funding model, which includes CVA Uplift as a funding tool for badly-needed transit expansion. The cost of the two OneCity priority projects – the Scarborough Subway and the Waterfront East “Pan-Am” Streetcar line – can be covered by CVA uplift, not provincial dollars.

OneCity’s financing proposal is being presented at this time because of two factors: 1) CVA Uplift occurs once every four years and the next opportunity to study this is after the next election cycles; 2) Within the next 12 months, Metrolinx will present a funding strategy for the necessary The Big Move to address the $6 billion per year in congestion costs and many hours of time lost.

We thank the Province for their continued support of Toronto. We thank the Minister, Cabinet and Caucus for continuing to support the supremacy of Council and its decisions for the City of Toronto. The OneCity Transit Plan includes a funding proposal in anticipation of the Province’s request of us for funding assistance. If the will of Council is to support OneCity, in its current form or modified, we would expect the Province to consider it.

Karen Stintz
Chair, Toronto Transit Commission
Councillor, Ward 16 (Eglinton-Lawrence)